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Category Archives: New Year

Yes, I’m back. I didn’t forget about you the last week, it’s just that I wanted to have a little break over Christmas and New Year.

What did Father Christmas bring you? I got ‘Wii Sports Resort’, several ‘Viz’ books, ‘Harry Hill’s TV Burp Book’, both ‘Mock The Week Too Hot For TV 2’ and ‘Mock The Week This Year’s Book’, and last but not least, ‘The Hangover’ on DVD.

The Hangover is probably the funniest film that I have ever seen, and if you haven’t seen it, do so, you won’t regret it. The Mock The Week DVD is also fantastically funny. I must get tickets to a recording of the next two series if I can. But how will the show survive without the legendary Frankie Boyle. Can I say who I think should take his place? I think it should be Ed Byrne.

Now, I hate to name drop, but it was my Grandparent’s on my mum’s side who got me the Matthew Hall, sorry Harry Hill book. That is most likely because Harry Hill went to the same school as my mum and aunties and lived in the house across the road. The phrase ‘It’s a small world isn’t it?’ springs to mind.

Oh, I forgot to mention all the Xmas telly that was on. Who saw Dr Who, wasn’t it epic? I hope that Matt Smith plays the Doctor as Matt Smith, and not as David Tennant MK2 if you know what I mean.

On Christmas Eve, I finally got to see ‘Family Guy The Blue Harvest’. It is a great parody of Star Wars IV: A New Hope, but it was wired watching it because I know the story. Best Character…Cleveland Brown as R2-D2.

And finally, to kill 3 hours on New Year’s Eve, I watched David Tennant and Sir Patrick Stewart in ‘Hamlet’. A* to the BBC for filming it on location and actually putting it on the TV. I know that in the 1970s and 1980s they filmed all of Shakespeare’s plays but don’t hold me to that, but more like Hamlet wouldn’t be a bad idea. The language barrier shouldn’t put you off watching it if it is on again. It is played so well by the whole cast, that you get what is going on without having to understand the speech.

Now, back to the sporting side of things, well done to Jenson Button MBE and Ross Brawn OBE. This means that on top of everything else, McLaren will have two ‘Member’s of the British Empire‘ racing for them this year. 🙂 The funny thing is, Ross Brawn technically now out-ranks Jenson Button, since an OBE is higher than a MBE. After an extensive 3 seconds of research on Wikipedia, I have found the rankings of honours. It goes,

  • GBE = Knight or Dame Grand Cross / Knighthood or Damehood.
  • KBE/DBE = Knight or Dame Commander / Knighthood or Damehood for those outside of the Empire.
  • CBE = Commander of the British Empire.
  • OBE = Order of the British Empire.
  • MBE = Member of the British Empire.

Anyway, roll on 2010, lets hope that you are much much better than 2009.