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Category Archives: Land Speed Record

Bloodhound SSC

The final design for the British land speed record attempt car, Bloodhound SSC is attempting to become the first car past: 800mph, 900mph and the holy grail of 1,000mph! 

The site for one of mankinds’ and automobiles’ greatest challenges will be on the Hakskeen Pan in the north of South Africa in 2011.

The car itself will have 47,500lbs of trust. That is the same as 180 F1 cars!

The driver of the current record holder, Wing Commander Andy Green will drive Bloodhound SSC, the younger brother of Thrust SSC, who holds the record with a two-way average run of 763.035mph set in 1997.

All the info you need, along with some of the Bloodhound SSC films and site links can be found here > 

In other news, Irish rock group U2 and total plank Bono will be performing at the 40th anniversary of Glastonbury next summer. Two days before, they are playing in Edmonton, Canada. Two days after they are booked to play in Minneapolis in America.


F1 news: Nico Rosberg will drive for Mercedes in 2010 (tell us something we don’t know).

The British Grand Prix and Silverstone may be safe after all. A deal is apparently imminent according to the circuit’s management. 🙂