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Monthly Archives: November 2009

‘…we came in?’

Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ celebrates it’s 30th anniversary today! It is the biggest selling double-album of ALL TIME and is widely considered to be bassist and songwriter Roger Waters’s magnum opus. He got the idea after Pink Floyd had become a stadium sell out band, and in the heat of the moment on the last show of the 1977 ‘In The Flesh’ tour in Montreal, he spat into the face of a young fan who threw a bottle at him. It is also the last album to feature the seminal Floyd line up of: Roger Waters (Bass), David Gilmour (Guitar), Richard Wright (Keyboards) and Nick Mason (Drums). Wright was fired by Waters during the recordings, but Waters allowed Wright to tour the album in 1980-81 as a paid musician. Waters then left the band in 1985 after recording ‘The Final Cut’ – a solo album in all but name – and calling Pink Floyd a “spent force”. But David Gilmour rehired Wright and with Mason, lead Pink Floyd on to astounding international success in the late 1980s and mid 1990s with two new studio albums: ‘A Momentary Lapse of Reason’ and ‘The Division Bell’, and their respective live albums ‘Delicate Sound of Thunder’ and ‘P*U*L*S*E*’. Waters meanwhile had an average solo career after his 1987 album ‘Radio KAOS’.

But I’m here to talk about the birthday album.

For those of you who don’t know the story of the album, here is a brief summary.

‘The Wall’ follows the life and misfortune of Pink who has a mental breakdown on disc one, builds a mental wall in which he shuts out the rest of the world in his head, and must live with his wall on disc 2. Pink himself is based on Waters’s life and feared isolation about being in a huge band like Pink Floyd. Founding front man Syd Barrett who was one of Britain’s first high-profile Acid casualties in the late 1960s also makes up parts of Pink. His breakdown is brought on by: never knowing his father (who like Waters’s father was killed in the Battle of Anzio in World War 2), his mother’s smothering of him, the cruel teachers he meets at school, his wife running off with another man, and the pressures of being a world-famous rock star. After Pink destroys his hotel room and nearly kills a groupie, his management team pump him full of drugs so he can play that night’s concert. Unfortunately the drugs cause him to completely lose his mind, leaving him believing that he is the leader of a neo-nazi group. Ashamed at what he has become, Pink puts himself on trial and is sentenced to be exposed before his peers, and to TEAR DOWN THE WALL.

The album itself has some of Pink Floyd’s best-loved and most successful songs on it like: ‘Run Like Hell’, ‘Is There Anybody Out There?’, ‘Hey You’, ‘Comfortably Numb’ and the international chart-topper (plus 1979 UK Christmas No.1) ‘Another Brick in the Wall Part 2’. But every song on the album is epic, just like almost every other Pink Floyd song. I just thought you’d have heard of these.

In 1990, Roger Waters performed ‘The Wall’ live in Berlin to celebrate their wall coming down. The concert has gone down in history amongst music lovers everywhere.

The video I am leaving you with is Pink Floyd performing ‘Comfortably Numb’ at Live 8 in 2005. This was the first time: Waters, Gilmour, Wright and Mason played together in 24 years. It was also to be their last show as a quartet due to Wright’s death in September 2008. So this is the last song they ever played together.

What a way to say ‘Goodbye’.

‘Isn’t this where…’

Liverpool beat arch rivals Everton away today 2-0. GET IN!


Everton could have and should have scored at least 3 goals but they didn’t and that is what matters. Maybe we can start a little run going and get back into the top 4.


Also in the FA Cup, Liverpool got drawn against Reading away. I was on the edge of my seat watching the draw, because with only about 10 teams left, Liverpool were still in the pot, and so where Man Utd. That would have been the worst possible outcome for us. Man Utd ended up with a home game against either Leeds Utd from League 1 (Division 3) or Kettering Town from the Conference National (Division 5). Come on Kettering, you can do it!


Elsewhere, England got their own back against South Africa by bowling them out for just 119, and winning by 7 Wickets. James Anderson took 5-23 as England take a 2-1 lead with one game left.


In F1 news, Felipe Massa has been racing Go-Karts in Brazil, and said that he is looking forward to the 2010 season. Keep up the come back Felipe, but don’t even think about winning any races next year!


In film news, Disney has a new Princess for little girls to wish they were. She is called Tiana and will be appearing in ‘The Princess and The Frog’. But for the first time ever in a Disney film the Princess is African-American. This is not the first for American cinema this year. Disney/Pixar release ‘Up’ saw the main supporting character Russell, a Japanese-American being given the voice of a Japanese-American called Jordan Nagai. In the past, Asian characters were voiced by non-Asians.


I one way, it is good to see America allowing minorities to have a greater part in animated movies considering their past (and some would say present). But on the other side of the coin, do we really need to make such a fuss over it? If a one-armed character was being voiced by a one-armed person, not nearly as much fuss would be made would it.


Tell me what you think. Do you agree, or disagree?


Princess Tiana




Golfing legend Tiger Woods has crashed his car by his home in Florida. He was taken to hospital earlier today, with suspected serious injuries. Thankfully, his injuries are now said to be minor, and he has gone back home.Early in the morning, he crashed his car into a Fire hydrant and then a Tree.  Maybe he should have used his Driver for the journey instead. ‘A boom boom chh’.  But joking aside, get well soon Tiger. 🙂   

In the 3rd ODI, England got mangled by South Africa as they won by 112 runs. AB de Villiers smashed 121 from 85 balls as the hosts scored at over seven runs and over. More importantly, Peter Sauber has his old F1 team back after the mysterious Quadbank were turned away by BMW. Adrian Sutil and Vitantonio Liuzzi will stay at Force India, and VW have hinted at joining F1 as and engine supplier in the future.  

I’m off to bed now, so Goodnight, and write to you later.

A big thank you to OnMeJack for showing me how to add pictures and videos to this blog properly. You can now see the Children in Need videos from the 20th on the blog. 🙂

As it would happen, I have found two great vids to show you.

Firstly, we have The Muppets singing (in their own special way) Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. Is it as good as The Animated All Star Band? You be the judge and please let me know.

Secondly, I stumbled upon this beauty from the Japanese J.League. Tell me if you have ever seen the manager score a volley from the half-way line.

In Olympic news, Wembley Arena will host the Badminton and Gymnastics at the 2012 games. I guess it makes a change from the Swimming I suppose.

This is a Blog that I must do for work and not for fun. If you have not seen the film, or are not interested, not read it. PS: It can only be a maximum of 275 words.

‘Up’ revolves around 78-year-old Carl Fredricksen taking his house from America to Venezuela by Helium balloons. The reason why he is doing this is because it was his and Ellie, his dead wife’s dream to move to where their hero, explorer Charles Muntz had been to. They never had the money to go due to problems life threw at them. Living alone, Carl is in danger of losing the house to a heartless building company. Before they can force him out, he ties thousands of balloons to said house and sets of for Venezuela.

As I sat down in the cinema I was sceptical. Could Pixar carry on their greatness after ‘WALL-E’?

Answer: Oh my God yes.

Within the first ten minutes, I was crying like I had never cried before during a movie. Pixar have created probably the most emotional opening montages in animation history. There is no dialog between Carl and his wife Ellie. It’s just the two characters enjoying their lives together and dreaming. The first tears came when Ellie is told she’s infertile. I was flooding when she passes away just before Carl was about to show her that he had booked a trip to Venezuela and when Carl was about to be evicted from their house. I cried again when, after living his and Ellie’s adventure, Carl sees that Ellie has written that being with him was just as wonderful.

But the film does have an extremely light-hearted feel the rest of the time don’t get me wrong. But I have never felt so much emotion in a cinema than in the first few minutes of ‘Up’.

I’ve just been watching a Ze Frank video blog at  and now I have to write about it. For those of you who don’t know, Ze Frank is an American video blogger, and is one of the most viewed and followed people in the world.

In the video blog (vlog) I’ve just seen from June 9th 2006, he asked his followers to write the script for him. 

In it they say that we Europeans have the wrong idea about what Football is. 

I find this extreamly irritable. We, the English, invented the sport in which you have to KICK a ball with your FEET. For some reason, the Americans are the only nation on Earth who think that playing Football means THROWING the ball with your HANDS. 

Sorry for any offense caused. 

This IS real Football



This is NOT real Football


Liverpool where dumped out of the Champions League, or European Cup for the older reader last night despite beating Hungarian Champions Debrecen 1-0 away. This is because Foirentina beat Lyon 1-0, thus making it mathematically impossible for us to finish in the top two.

So we have to play in the Europa League, the old UEFA Cup in 2010. We were actually favourites to win the competition before we were even in it last night!

To be honest, I’m not angry. everyone saw it coming. The team are completely unrecognisable from the team who just missed out on the League Title last season. I could go on a rant, but there is not point. just like the French and the Irish, my opinion ment jack all to the footballing world.

In happier news, both the BBC F1 team and Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters have been collecting awards this week.

The BBC F1 opening title sequence won the ‘Graphic Design Programme Content Sequence at the RTS awards night. 

You can see the full video by clicking on this link –> 

Pink Floyd Bassist Roger Waters’ team who built the giant light Prism at the climax of the 2008 Dark side of the Moon tour, won first place at the International Laser Display Awards. I saw this for myself when I saw the show at the O2 Arena (18/05) and it completely blew my mind. Well done to the team on behalf of Floydians everywhere 🙂

DSOTM 2008 prism (Lightwave International) That came out of the roof. Nobody saw it coming.

Bloodhound SSC

The final design for the British land speed record attempt car, Bloodhound SSC is attempting to become the first car past: 800mph, 900mph and the holy grail of 1,000mph! 

The site for one of mankinds’ and automobiles’ greatest challenges will be on the Hakskeen Pan in the north of South Africa in 2011.

The car itself will have 47,500lbs of trust. That is the same as 180 F1 cars!

The driver of the current record holder, Wing Commander Andy Green will drive Bloodhound SSC, the younger brother of Thrust SSC, who holds the record with a two-way average run of 763.035mph set in 1997.

All the info you need, along with some of the Bloodhound SSC films and site links can be found here > 

In other news, Irish rock group U2 and total plank Bono will be performing at the 40th anniversary of Glastonbury next summer. Two days before, they are playing in Edmonton, Canada. Two days after they are booked to play in Minneapolis in America.


F1 news: Nico Rosberg will drive for Mercedes in 2010 (tell us something we don’t know).

The British Grand Prix and Silverstone may be safe after all. A deal is apparently imminent according to the circuit’s management. 🙂

I’m still getting over the shock of what happened in the Premier League today.

Tottenham beat Wigan 9-1. :-0

Some fun stats from the BBC for you, it was Spurs’…

  • Biggest win in the top division.
  • Biggest win since they beat Bristol Rovers 9-0 in 1977.

It was also the highest win in the Premier League since Man Utd beat Ipswich 9-0 in 1995. 

Jermain Defoe scored 5 goals. The only other Premier League players to have done that are Andy Cole & Alan Shearer. 

A full match report can be found here –>

Anyway, England won the second O.D.I against South africa by 7 Wickets. Paul Collingwood hit 105 not out as England reached their target of 251 with 24 balls to spare. More of the same OK guys, that would be lovely. 

Murray won his first match of the end of season Masters at the O2 Arena against Del Potro 6-3  3-6  6-2. Do you think that the Tennis season goes on for far too long.

More worryingly, the fate of the British Grand Prix will be decide once and for all on the 9th of December. If no deal is reached, that is it, and another classic race will disappear for a new, modern, why the hell are we going there of all places race. But I live in hope that we will have a race. That is all I can do.

See ya.

Last nights Children in Need raised £20.3million. That is just under last years total of £20.9million. But it is better than nothing.

I really enjoyed the Pudsey parodies of ‘Poirot’ and ‘Merlin’, as I enjoy watching the shows. The BBC News reader’s dance was enjoyable, but I still prefer the Queen routine they did a few years ago.

But I must say, the show was stolen in the first 20 minutes. ‘Peter Kay’s Animated All Star Band’ blew me away. It was a delight to see Cartoons from the past, my pre-school days and the present singing a melody of huge hits.

Said hits were: 

  • Can You Feel It – The Jacksons
  • Don’t Stop – Fleetwood Mac
  • Jai Ho (You Are My Destiny) – The theme from ‘Slumdog Millionaire
  • Tubthumping – Chumbawamba (‘I Get Knocked Down’)
  • Never Forget – Take That
  • Hey Jude – The Beatles
  • One Day Like This – Elbow 

 It took 3 years of planning and 8 months of making to produce 5 minutes of brilliance.

Please, Download it, buy it, just get it to No.1. It’s the official CiN single, so the money goes to Children in Need. Pleeasseeeeeee buy it pleaseee. 🙂

In sports news, Liverpool blew the game at home to Man City in a 2-2 draw. I am getting so sick of us not winning, and I don’t have much hope of staying in the European Cup this season either. England also got trounced in the Rugby by the All Blacks 6-19, but then we all knew they were going to win didn’t we.

In the world of F1, ex-team boss and BBC presenter Eddie Jordan has stated the newly formed Mercedes team are hoping to sign 7 times World Champion Michael Schumacher. Look, he’ll be 41 years old next season. He has had his moment, and it would ruin his reputation as (and I really hate to write this) one of the best drivers of all time.

But the best news in the sporting world today was the news that athletes with Intellectual Disabilities are to be allowed back into the Paralympics in time for London 2012. ID athletes were band after most of the 2000 Spanish ID Basketball team were found to be faking the disability.

Back to Children in Need, you can see the sketches I have noted and more on YouTube by clicking on the links below.

But I’ll leave you with a picture of the cover of the Animated All Star Band’s cover. See how many you can name.