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Liverpool beat arch rivals Everton away today 2-0. GET IN!


Everton could have and should have scored at least 3 goals but they didn’t and that is what matters. Maybe we can start a little run going and get back into the top 4.


Also in the FA Cup, Liverpool got drawn against Reading away. I was on the edge of my seat watching the draw, because with only about 10 teams left, Liverpool were still in the pot, and so where Man Utd. That would have been the worst possible outcome for us. Man Utd ended up with a home game against either Leeds Utd from League 1 (Division 3) or Kettering Town from the Conference National (Division 5). Come on Kettering, you can do it!


Elsewhere, England got their own back against South Africa by bowling them out for just 119, and winning by 7 Wickets. James Anderson took 5-23 as England take a 2-1 lead with one game left.


In F1 news, Felipe Massa has been racing Go-Karts in Brazil, and said that he is looking forward to the 2010 season. Keep up the come back Felipe, but don’t even think about winning any races next year!


In film news, Disney has a new Princess for little girls to wish they were. She is called Tiana and will be appearing in ‘The Princess and The Frog’. But for the first time ever in a Disney film the Princess is African-American. This is not the first for American cinema this year. Disney/Pixar release ‘Up’ saw the main supporting character Russell, a Japanese-American being given the voice of a Japanese-American called Jordan Nagai. In the past, Asian characters were voiced by non-Asians.


I one way, it is good to see America allowing minorities to have a greater part in animated movies considering their past (and some would say present). But on the other side of the coin, do we really need to make such a fuss over it? If a one-armed character was being voiced by a one-armed person, not nearly as much fuss would be made would it.


Tell me what you think. Do you agree, or disagree?


Princess Tiana




This is a Blog that I must do for work and not for fun. If you have not seen the film, or are not interested, not read it. PS: It can only be a maximum of 275 words.

‘Up’ revolves around 78-year-old Carl Fredricksen taking his house from America to Venezuela by Helium balloons. The reason why he is doing this is because it was his and Ellie, his dead wife’s dream to move to where their hero, explorer Charles Muntz had been to. They never had the money to go due to problems life threw at them. Living alone, Carl is in danger of losing the house to a heartless building company. Before they can force him out, he ties thousands of balloons to said house and sets of for Venezuela.

As I sat down in the cinema I was sceptical. Could Pixar carry on their greatness after ‘WALL-E’?

Answer: Oh my God yes.

Within the first ten minutes, I was crying like I had never cried before during a movie. Pixar have created probably the most emotional opening montages in animation history. There is no dialog between Carl and his wife Ellie. It’s just the two characters enjoying their lives together and dreaming. The first tears came when Ellie is told she’s infertile. I was flooding when she passes away just before Carl was about to show her that he had booked a trip to Venezuela and when Carl was about to be evicted from their house. I cried again when, after living his and Ellie’s adventure, Carl sees that Ellie has written that being with him was just as wonderful.

But the film does have an extremely light-hearted feel the rest of the time don’t get me wrong. But I have never felt so much emotion in a cinema than in the first few minutes of ‘Up’.