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THE nephew of former Indian opening batsman Wasim Jaffer, Armaan Jaffer, 13, has broken the record for the highest individual Cricket score made in India.

Whilst playing for Rizvi Springfield School against IES Raja Shivaji Vidyalaya in an under-14 Giles Shield match in Mumbai, Jaffer smashed a behemothic 498 runs of just 490 balls in an innings which lasted two days. He hit 77 fours and played in a free-flowing manner. After his innings was over he said: “I had decided not to play any aerial shots. I knew as long as I occupy the crease, the runs will keep flowing.

Jaffer added: “It would have been better if I had got 500, but there is no grudge.

A very pleased Jaffer next to his score.

The previous record was 461 and was held by Ali Zorain Khan of Nagpur.

Now if I’m not mistaken young Jaffer’s 498 is the eighth highest individual score that I have ever come across. The only other scores higher than this that I can find are these listed below.

  • 499 – Hanif Mohammad for Karachi against Bahawalpur in 1958/59.
  • 501* – Brian Lara for Warwickshire against Durham in 1994.
  • 502* – Malhotra Chamanlal for Mehandra Coll, Patiala against Government Coll, Rupar in 1956/57.
  • 506* – JC Sharp for Melbourne Grammar School against Geelong Collage in 1914/15.
  • 515 – Dadabhoy Havewala for B.B & C.I Railways against St Xavier’s in 1933/34.
  • 566 – CJ Eady for Break-o’-Day against Wellington in 1901/02.

And finally the highest score ever recorded in the history of Cricket:

  • 628* – AEJ Collins for Clark’s House against North Town in 1899.

Remarkably, both Collins and Jaffer have made their possibly career defining totals at the age of just 13. Coincidently I also made my highest ever score when I was around Collins and Jaffer’s age, but 120 fades away into nothingness when you start talking about scores like the above.

I was in a real purple patch in the spring/summer of 2007 wasn’t I?