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I’ve just been watching a Ze Frank video blog at  and now I have to write about it. For those of you who don’t know, Ze Frank is an American video blogger, and is one of the most viewed and followed people in the world.

In the video blog (vlog) I’ve just seen from June 9th 2006, he asked his followers to write the script for him. 

In it they say that we Europeans have the wrong idea about what Football is. 

I find this extreamly irritable. We, the English, invented the sport in which you have to KICK a ball with your FEET. For some reason, the Americans are the only nation on Earth who think that playing Football means THROWING the ball with your HANDS. 

Sorry for any offense caused. 

This IS real Football



This is NOT real Football


I’m still getting over the shock of what happened in the Premier League today.

Tottenham beat Wigan 9-1. :-0

Some fun stats from the BBC for you, it was Spurs’…

  • Biggest win in the top division.
  • Biggest win since they beat Bristol Rovers 9-0 in 1977.

It was also the highest win in the Premier League since Man Utd beat Ipswich 9-0 in 1995. 

Jermain Defoe scored 5 goals. The only other Premier League players to have done that are Andy Cole & Alan Shearer. 

A full match report can be found here –>

Anyway, England won the second O.D.I against South africa by 7 Wickets. Paul Collingwood hit 105 not out as England reached their target of 251 with 24 balls to spare. More of the same OK guys, that would be lovely. 

Murray won his first match of the end of season Masters at the O2 Arena against Del Potro 6-3  3-6  6-2. Do you think that the Tennis season goes on for far too long.

More worryingly, the fate of the British Grand Prix will be decide once and for all on the 9th of December. If no deal is reached, that is it, and another classic race will disappear for a new, modern, why the hell are we going there of all places race. But I live in hope that we will have a race. That is all I can do.

See ya.