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Hi, If you were wondering if the FA Cup had anymore magic left in it, you have been proved wrong.

League 1 (Division 3) Leeds United beat old rivals and reigning English champions Manchester United at Old Trafford 1-0 in the 3rd Round today. I didn’t see the game because the underdogs always lose. I put the West Ham vs. Arsenal game on when West Ham were 1-0 up, then Arsenal scored twice and won, but I am so glad that Leeds put one over on a club I must hate by law (being a Liverpool fan). But we don’t have much to shout about, only drawing 1-1 at Reading from the Championship (Division 2) and have to play a replay in a couple of weeks. But at least we are still in the competition, and will play at home to fellow Premier League side Burnley if we get past Reading.

Well, that was the Christmas Holidays over with. Back to School tomorrow. The same old routine with no variations, just like the rest of life, you wake up, eat, work, come home, eat, watch TV, sleep, then do the same thing over again and OH MY GOD I’M GOING TO BE DOING THIS FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!!!

Sorry about that, I just had one of those moments, but I’m all better know…seriously. ūüôā

Actually, I am hopping¬†to try out something new tomorrow. It’s called ‘Futsal’, and it’s like 5-a-side Football, but without the barriers around the pitch, so it focuses more on ball control. I’ll be the one in-goal¬†though, because I have absolutely¬†zilch ball control, but I have quick reactions, and am quite good for a playground keeper on my day.

Now, if there are any comedy writers out there reading this, or film makers, how’s this for an idea?

A Motorbike race is about to start, with riders on: Ducatis, Hondas, Suzukis¬†and Kawasakis. Then just before the green lights go on, a Pianist on a Yamaha Piano turns up¬†at¬†the back of the grid and starts playing The Flight of the Bumble Bee. The¬†sketch then becomes sped up like a Benny Hill sketch, and the Pianist passes all of the real racers, and wins. Leave a comment and let me know what you think. If you can’t remember what the music sounds like, I have it below.



I’ve just come back from seeing Rich Hall in Dartford. He doesn’t seem too struck on the place though. He said it was like¬†the¬†town was taking part in the Witness relocation programme. LOL!

The running themes of the night was that several people in the audience seemed to be in lines of work which all involved Hydraulic pumps of all things, and about 10 or so people turned up late. He also kept going on about the top levels of the theater being empty. But besides the non sell out, the crowd seemed to enjoy it. I certainly did. But one woman sitting behind us was laughing so loudly it was getting annoying. Theres always one.  One thing I think that he is still getting used to is the fact that British audiences are very quiet compared to American ones. They seem to be able to entertain themselves by shouting the whole time. Whereas we have come and paid to be entertained.

One stand out joke was about how to get the U.S.A out of its $11 trillion¬†debt. He suggested selling states that didn’t really do a lot¬†to try¬†and get them back into the black. I recon that could work, the US would make a great Monopoly board.

After the interval, Otis Lee Crenshaw and the Honky Tonk Assholes played an amazingly funny set of improvised comedy songs. For those of you who don’t know, Otis is Rich Halls ‘Uncle’.¬†

After the show, I actually got to meet Rich Hall himself, and got a signed CD of Otis and his band from him. While I had the chance, I asked him how much his home state of Montana would be worth. Answer: About $850. ūüôā

Another highlight of my day was seeing the Film ‘Grand Prix’ for the very first time. I have always wanted to see the film based around the sport that I hold dearest to my heart, and even though it is over 40 years old and extremely¬†cheesy, I loved it. However, do was more interested in the then ground breaking camera shots, and all the cameos by the big name drivers of the 1960s. I must see if¬†I can get it on DVD in the future.