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MY family and I went so see the Anderson Wakeman 360 Project on 16 October at the Assembly Halls Theatre in Tunbridge Wells.For those of you aren’t too familiar with the world of classic rock, Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman were the respective lead vocalist and keyboard player in the group Yes.

Rick Wakeman (L) and Jon Anderson (R)

Last year Wakeman performed his album The Six Wives of Henry VIII live for the first time ever at Hampton Court Palace to high acclaim, having left Yes (again) in 2008. Anderson however has not had it easy over the last few years. He suffered a severe asthma attack in May 2008 and was subsequently diagnosed with acute respiratory failure. It looked like he would never sing again.

But Yes fans need to worry anymore. Jon Anderson can still sing, and he sounds as if he is still in the 1970s.

The whole show was brilliant. All there was on the stage was: Wakeman with his two keyboards and a microphone and Anderson with a guitar for the Yes songs and a microphone. The set itself was made up of songs from the duos new studio album The Living Tree and classic Yes songs.

The first song of the night just so happened to be my favourite Yes song, Starship Trooper. This along with Living Tree track 23/24/11 were my songs of the night.

But it wasn’t just all music. Wakeman is notorious for his story and gag telling, and Anderson is just as bad. The onstage banter between the two close friends was great to see, and really really funny to boot.

Here is the set list (The Living Tree unless noted):

  1. Starship Trooper (Yes – The Yes Album)
  2. Sweet Dreams (Yes – Time and a Word)
  3. Forever
  4. And You And I (Yes – Close to the Edge)
  5. The Living Tree
  6. Morning Star
  7. Your Move (A part of I’ve Seen All Good People (Yes – The Yes Album)
  8. Garden
  9. The Living Tree (Reprise)
  10. Time and a Word (Yes – Time and a Word)
  11. Owner of a Lonely Heart (Yes – 90125)
  12. Long Distance Runaround (Yes – Fragile)
  13. Yours Is No Disgrace (Yes – The Yes Album)
  14. Just One Man
  15. Wonderous Stories (Yes – Going for the One)
  16. 23/24/11
  17. South Side of the Sky (Yes – Fragile)
  18. Turn of the Century (Yes – Going for the One)
  19. House of Freedom
  20. Roundabout (Yes – Fragile)
  21. Soon (Yes – Relayer)
  22. The Meeting (ABWH – Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe)


The Living Tree goes on general sale on 29 November.

On a different note, today this blog celebrates its 1st Birthday. YAY! 😀

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