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I WOKE up at 4:45am to watch the qualifying session for this year’s Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka, only to be told by my Dad that it might not happen because of torrential rain.

And sure enough, no cars went out on track at all because it was just raining too much, and the cars would handle like boats. Qualifying will now take place at 10am local time, or 2am UK time! This will give me just under three hours sleep before the live programme begins at 6am UK time, with the race starting at 7am.

This is not the first time that Suzuka has experienced qualifying on the morning of the race. Back in 2004, typhoon Ma-on caused qualifying to be pushed back a day as it came within around 25 miles of the circuit.

The weather forecast for Suzuka tomorrow is for it to be clear, but if no qualifying takes place at all, then the grid will be decided by car number order, meaning a McLaren front row lock-out!

Well no actually. The Woking based outfit have had to change Lewis Hamilton’s gearbox, and the 2008 World Champion will take a five-place grid bump. 😦

But on a lighter not as you can see below, some of the drivers and mechanics busied themselves by taking photos and racing little paper boats down the pit lane.

Sebastian Vettel trying his hand at photography

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