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Carles PUYOL 73’


Ref = Viktor KASSAI (HUN)


SPAIN advanced to their first ever World Cup Final by beating Germany 1-0.

The match itself was almost chess-like, with both teams trying to outmanoeuvre the other. The first half lacked chances, with Spain’s Carles Puyol having the best – heading the ball over the bar from a corner. Spain themselves seemed easy with the ball, while Germany looked content to let Spain have the ball as they waited to pounce.

The second half followed the same pattern until Spain started to have some good shots on goal. David Villa would have scored if he was a couple of inches taller when the ball raced across the goal mouth. But with 17 minutes left, Puyol got his header from a corner technique spot on and scored. Try as they might, Germany just couldn’t get through the Spanish back line for the rest of the match.

Zakumi: “So there we have it, a Netherlands vs. Spain Final. We will defiantly have a new winner of the World Cup on Sunday night.”

P92: “And in charge of the Final will be Englishman Howard Webb. He has been the best ref of these finals by miles.”

Zakumi: “So you’ll be wearing your England shirt for the Final?”

P92: “You bet.”


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    The World Cup has been fantastic. Now I understand why I hate English football.

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