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Miroslav KLOSE 20’

Lukas PODOLSKI 32’

Thomas MÜLLER 67’ 70’

MotM = Thomas MÜLLER (GER)

Matt UPSON 37’

Last 16


Mangaung / Bloemfontein

GERMANY destroyed England to book their place in the quarter-finals of the World Cup. 😦

England’s defence was annihilated in the run up to all four of Germany’s goals as they inflicted our worst ever World Cup finals defeat. Klose’s goal was a route one as it comes. The German keeper booted the ball down field, every English player missed it can Klose put the ball in with one touch. England’s defence went AWOL 12 minutes later and despite a poor first touch Podolski made it 2-0 to Germany. 

England did pull one goal back to make it 1-2, and less than a minute later Frank Lampard smashed the ball against the cross bar. The ball bounced over the line and the score was 2-2. But the referee and linesmen didn’t give what was such a clear goal everybody in the crowd could see it. FIFA president Sepp Blatter ruled out any chance of technology being used in this World Cup earlier this year. He was at this game and hopefully saw that this was a missive mistake. ‘Dopey’ just doesn’t seem to realise that football is still in the dark ages, and that: Tennis, Rugby and Cricket all get along just fine with technology.

But that doesn’t distract from the England football team humiliating the country that made the sport what it is today.

After Frank Lampard hit a free kick into the German wall they went straight up the other end and Müller made it 3-1. His second and their forth came just three minutes later and England were finished.

So that’s it, it is official, England are now the top international underachievers in world football. The so called ‘Golden Generation’ has failed to win anything (We haven’t been in a semi-final since Euro ’96).

I could go on about what needs to be done, but people who have a far greater knowledge of the game than me will tell you as well, and in much more detail over the coming days and weeks.

What I will do however is give you a list of (clean) words and phrases that describes the England football team in my eyes.

Over-paid, over-rated, spoilt, have a lack of passion, live off of their names, would rather be playing for their clubs in the UEFA Champions League, are false idols to little kids who play football…the list goes on.

And by the way, did we actually take Wayne Rooney to the World Cup or not? If you ask me he should take that groundsmans job he had in that Nike advert.

Zakumi: “Oh well, easy come easy go.”

P92: “We should have made it to the last four at the very least.”

Zakumi: “Well if you had beaten Algeria you would have won the group and played Ghana.”

P92: “They would have beaten us as well.”








Carlos TÉVEZ 26’ 52’

Gonzalo HIGUAÍN 33’

MotM = Carlos TÉVEZ (ARG)

Javier HERNÁNDEZ 71’

Last 16

Ref = Roberto ROSETTI (ITA)

Johannesburg – JSC

ARGENTINA set up a quarter-final rematch with Germany after they sent Mexico home in yet more controversial circumstances.

With the score at 0-0 Mexico had the best of the chances. They hit the bar early on and seemed to have taken their ‘A’ game to the South Americans. But Carlos Tévez headed the 1978 and 1986 World Champions into the lead.

However, replays showed him to be about 2yds offside and the goal should never have stood. This was shown on the giant TVs in the stadium, and all: the players, the managers, officials, reporters, commentators and 84,000 fans saw that the decision to award the goal was wrong. The Mexicans went mad and took their eye of the ball.

Mexico’s Ricardo Osorio gave the ball away right on the edge of his own penalty area and into the path of Gonzalo Higuaín, who promptly made it 2-0.

As the players walked off for half-time the Mexican players surrounded the Argentina staff and a fight looked certain, but thankfully one never happened.

There was no doubt about Tévez’s second goal, which was an absolute beauty. He shot from outside the area and the ball hit the top left corner of the net.

But Mexico pulled a goal back with just under 20 minutes left and had a good go at making a game of it, but Argentina held on to win.

Zakumi: “Great game, but what a balls-up from the linesman…again!”


Tomorrow’s games are:

  • Netherlands vs. Slovakia, BBC 1 15:00
  • Brazil vs. Chile, ITV 19:30

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