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South Korea

PARK Chu Young 17og’

Gonzalo HIGUAÍN 33’ 76’ 80’

MotM = Gonzalo HIGUAÍN (ARG)

LEE Chung-Young 45+1’

Group B


Johannesburg – JSC

ARGENTINA dominated the first half, racing into a 2-0 lead in just over half an hour. But a defensive lash up in injury time let South Korea back in the game. The first 20 minutes of the second half could’ve and should’ve seen both sides score, but it was Argentina who got their vital third goal. Higuaín scored his third and Argentina’s fourth soon after.

Zakumi: “Higuaín is the first player to score a World Cup finals hat-trick since Pauleta for Portugal in 2002.”

P92: “You know your stuff don’t you.”

Zakumi: “Actually I read your notes.”

P92: “Did you.”








Dimitrios SALPINGIDIS 44’

Vasileios TOROSIDIS 71’

MotM = Vincent ENYEAMA (NIG)

Kalu UCHE 16’

Group B

Ref = Óscar RUIZ (COL)

Mangaung / Bloemfontein

NIGERIA seemed to be strolling to victory until Sani Kaita saw the red mist and stupidly kicked an opponent. Think David Beckham in 1998. After seeing the red mist, he saw the red card and only then did what he had done sink in. Greece rallied and scored their first ever World Cup finals goal just before half-time. Both sides went for the win in the second half, but it was Greece who took the lead – and in the end their first ever finals win – thanks to a goalkeeping error by Vincent Enyeama in the Nigerian goal. The fact he won ‘Man of the Match’ again shows how much better than the Nigerian outfield he is.

Zakumi: “Is it me or can Greece only play against ten men?”

P92: “You may be right. When they had the man advantage they were a totally new team.”









Javier HERNÁNDEZ 64’*

Cuauhtémoc BLANCO 79P’

Group A

Ref = Khalil AL GHAMDI (KSA)


THE first half was pretty even with not much to separate the two teams. But as the second half progressed, either Mexico got better or France got worse. A 2-0 was what Mexico deserved, and France are now in huge danger of going out in the group stage without scoring a goal for the second World Cup out of three.

*The 2,100th World Cup finals goal.

Zakumi: “Well I think France and Bafana Bafana are both stuffed.”

P92: “Just do the world and especially the Republic of Ireland a favour and beat them.”

Zakumi: “That sounds like a plan.”

Today’s games are:

  • Germany vs. Serbia, BBC 1 12:30
  • Slovenia vs. U.S.A., BBC 1 15:00
  • ENGLAND vs. Algeria, ITV 19:30

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