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TODAY at last sees the 2010 FIFA World Cup get underway in South Africa.

The rainbow nation became the first African country to be awarded the tournament way back on 15 May 2004. They saw off rival bids from: Morocco, Egypt and a joint (later disallowed) bid from Libya and Tunisia. South Africa won after one round of voting 14:10:0.

South Africa initially wanted to host the 2006 World Cup, but lost out to Germany 12:11 in the final round of voting.

If this World Cup goes well for the host nation, I won’t be surprised to see the 2020 Summer Olympic Games in South Africa. Both Cape Town and Durban are potential bidders.

I shall be covering the tournament on this blog along with the official mascot Zakumi.

Zakumi: “Hi it’s great to be here.”

P92: “It’s great to be anywhere. Are you ready for South Africa vs. Mexico?”

Zakumi: “Oh you bet I am.”

The opening ceremony is on ITV1 at 13:00, and is immediately followed by South Africa vs. Mexico at 15:00. The second match today is 1930 and 1950 World Champions Uruguay vs. 1998 World Champions France. You can catch this match on BBC1 which kicks-off at 19:30. Both games are in Group A.


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