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YESTERDAY France beat England in the final Six Nations game of this year 12-10 to not only take the title but the coverted Grand Slam with it. In the other games of the fifth and final weekend, Wales beat Italy 33-10 and Scotland beat Ireland away 23-20.

Here is the completed table.

  1. France – 10pts & 13 Tries
  2. Ireland – 6pts & 9 Tries
  3. England – 5pts & 6 Tries
  4. Wales – 4pts & 10 Tries
  5. Scotland – 3pts & 3 Tries
  6. Italy – 2pts & 5 Tries


In football, Liverpool lost 1-2 away to arch rivals Man Utd :(. 

Plus with Man City and Tottenham winning, as well as Aston Villa drawing, our quest for fourth place looks even more hopeless.

And finally, today (March 21), had he have still been with us, Ayrton Senna da Silva would have turned 50-years old.

France with the Six Nations trophy


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