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TODAY the legendary rock group Pink Floyd won a legal case against their record label EMI.

EMI have been selling individual tracks from the band’s back catalogue, but Pink Floyd argued that EMI were in breach of contract. Pink Floyd added that their music was intended to be listened to in album form, and not just as singles.

EMI stated that when they and Pink Floyd signed said contract in 1999, it was only valid in the case of physical material. This was before the period of online downloads.

But a High Court judge ruled that this contract did cover online downloads. EMI have been ordered to pay Pink Floyd £40,000 and a further fine which will be handed down to them at a later date by the judge. They must now ask the band’s permission before any of their songs are allowed to be sold online individually.

(Yes I am aware of the irony of Pink Floyd not wanting their songs put on their own and me doing so, but I think this one fits this story nicely.)

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  1. Pink Floyd is a musical power which can never be wielded by lower creatures. The lyrical craft of Roger Waters is transcendent. Any band trying to emulate it will fly like Icarus towards the Dark Side of the Moon. They will be scorched by the insuperable power of words they barely comprehend. And always they will plummet earthward.

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