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The New Orleans Saints won their very first Super Bowl with a 31-17 win over the Indianapolis Colts in Miami Florida. At the end of the first quarter, the Colts led 10-0. By half-time the Saints had pulled it back to 10-6. The players and fans then enjoyed a halt-time medley from The Who which consisted of their hit songs: Pinball Wizard, Baba O’Riley, Who Are You, See Me Feel Me and Won’t Get Fooled Again. After the end of the third quarter, the Saints had closed the match to a 17-16 Colts lead. But something must have been in the Saints’ oranges or whatever they have during a break in America, because they scored 15 unanswered points in the last quarter to win the match 31-17 and claim their first American and technically world championship.

After what the city of New Orleans went through in 2005 with what Hurricane Katrina did to it and its people, they deserve to have one of the biggest boosts in the states. My congratulations to the Saints, but the 49ers will be out to take your crown away from you next season.

I would have posted the above last night. However the internet wasn’t working for me. This was actually a blessing in disguise because I can add this extra piece to my Super Bowl summary.

Super Bowl XLIV was watched by at total of 106.5 million Americans. That means that M*A*S*H’s last ever episode, ‘Goodbye, Farewell and Amen’ losses the record for most watched single TV programme. The series finale of in my opinion the greatest television programme ever made, was watched by 105.9 million people when it was first broadcast on 28th February 1983. However, if you take into account the audience share percentage of the pair, M*A*S*H blows the Super Bowl out of the water. ‘Goodbye, Farewell and Amen’ received an audience share of 77%, whereas the Bowl received only 68%. The 42nd (1970) Academy Awards holds this particular record with a 78% audience share.

Incidentally, the records for most watched British TV broadcast for an episode and one-off event are, the EastEnders episode where Den divorces Angie (30.15 million), and the 1966 World Cup final (32.30 million) respectively.

Globally, nobody can really be sure, but it is probably the funeral of Princess Diana, which attracted a global audience of around 2.5 billion people.

NOS Quarterback Drew Brees with the Vince Lombardi Trophy



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