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Today I finally got to play a bit of Futsal.

Futsal is a type of football played indoors, but with no barriers, so the emphasis is on ball control. Now I don’t have much ball control as anyone who has seen me play will tell you so I stayed in my favoured position which is Goal-keeper.

In one of our games, I was left in no-man’s-land by a ball played square across me. The goal was left open with the ball rolling menacingly towards it. I threw myself onto the floor and palmed the ball away to safety. Then the pain kicked in. What I had done was I had landed on the hard sports hall floor straight onto my right knee, jarring it to the point where I had trouble standing up. My left knee wasn’t so lucky either. It suffered a burn that is currently bright red and stinging quite a bit.

Hopefully next week I’ll be able to come off in on piece.


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