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I had even more snow last night and today, but alas, it was not bad enough to prevent me from going to school. I had a feeling people were getting a bit too hopeful.

The bad weather prevented us from playing Football during our only PE lessons of the week which I wasn’t happy about. We couldn’t even play at lunch time because somebody who shall remain nameless didn’t bother to bring a ball in.

Instead, I and six other sixth formers formed our own élite snowball fighting force, and went around attacking any group of lower years we pleased. Well when they weren’t pushing me over or rugby tackling me to the snow-covered playground floor and kicking snow at me or launching snowballs from point-blank-range. I even got dragged into a sandpit around the back of the playgrounds and dumped there! But I was fine with it; there was no malice in it what so ever. 🙂

If my area gets more snow over night, school may be called off for the day, but can I say that I’m not optimistic? Yes I think I can.

Stay warm, and keep safe.


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