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Disgraced former Renault F1 team boss Flavio Briatore has had his lifetime ban from Formula 1 overturned after the French High Court ruled that the FIA had acted illegally with regards to his punishment.

Briatore was banned for life and Renault’s former head of engineering Pat Symonds for 5 years (that was overruled as well) because they told then driver Nelson Piquet Jr. to crash on purpose and bring out the Safety-Car so that his team-mate Fernando Alonso could win the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix. Briatore was also awarded £13,500 compensation. (A night out for him between you and me). Why is it that if it’s another team, the FIA under Max Mosley ballses-up, but when it was with McLaren, we got the entire Library thrown at us?!  In 2007, we were excluded from the  Constructors Championship and fined $100,000,000 because one of our employees had confidential Ferrari information. That is harsh but fair. But what I can’t personally understand is why Renault got let off the very same year for possessing McLaren’s information. Am I the only one who finds that a wee-bit odd?

In other news regarding Renault, Robert Kubica has said that he will still drive for the team after a change of ownership, and their new team principle is Eric Boullier who was formally in charge of the GP2 team DAMS.

It was announced today that we will get an extra Bank Holiday in 2012 in celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. It will take place Tuesday 5th June 2012 as the Commonwealth mark her 60 years as monarch. This is providing of course she is still alive and Queen, but if you look at how long her mum lived for, she could have a few years left in her yet.

Rock news now, and Jimmy Page has said that legendary rock group Led Zeppelin will not perform without lead-singer Robert Plant. Around this time last year, the music world was buzzing at the notion of a new Led Zeppelin album with Guitarist Page, Bassist and Keyboard player John Paul-Jones, Jason Bonham Drumming John (in his late father)’s place, and a single, or collection of guest vocalists. But thank God that never happened. Led Zeppelin has its undying place in Rock history, and any attempts to come back big time would just be for financial reasons. At least that’s what I think.

Briatore & Symonds

The follow video shows what happened at the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix before everything kicked off.

And finally, this is Led Zeppelin doing what they did best.


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