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Last night I caught up on some TV that we had taped. The best programme was ITV’s countdown of the 20 best adverts that have appeared on British television from 2000-2009. So basically, it was ad of the decade. All of these ads can be found on YouTube, but I’m only putting on the winner. Before I do the countdown, I just want to mention a couple that I thought deserved a place in the top 20, but didn’t quite make it. These where the Guinness’s ‘Rhythm of Life‘, and Honda’s ‘Impossible Dream‘.

But now, the official Top 20. (If only we had Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page playing Whole Lotta Love. That’s the Top of the Pops music for those of you who don’t know). 

  • 20 – Budweiser ‘Wassup‘.
  • 19 – Cadbury ‘Eyebrows‘.
  • 18 – Halifax ‘X-Bomb‘.
  • 17 – John Smith ‘Ball Skills‘.
  • 16 – Sure for Men ‘Stunt City‘.
  • 15 – Calsburg ‘Old Lions‘.
  • 14 – Sony Bravia ‘Balls‘.
  • 13 – VW Golf ‘Singing in the Rain‘.
  • 12 – Citroen C4 ‘Transformer‘.
  • 11 – Barclaycard ‘Waterslide‘.
  • 10 – PG Tips ‘Breakfast‘.
  • 9 – Sony Bravia ‘Paint‘.
  • 8 – John West Salmon ‘Bear‘.
  • 7 – T-Mobile ‘Dance‘.
  • 6 – Guinness ‘Tipping Point‘.
  • 5 – Cadbury ‘Gorilla‘.
  • 4 – Honda ‘COG‘. (My No.1)
  • 3 – Compare the Market ‘Compare the Meerkat‘.
  • 2 – Skoda ‘Cake‘.

And the best advert of the decade is…Hovis ‘Go on Lad‘.

So there you have it, what a decade for advertising. But what will the years 2010-2019 bring us I wonder? 

However, none of these ads can really match this. I’ll leave you with what was voted the greatest ad of all time. 1998’s Guinness’s ‘Horses and Surfer‘.

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