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I got my wish! It snowed overnight and me and my sister didn’t have to go into school for the last day! 🙂

But because some of the main roads had to closed due to snow and accidents, I didn’t get to see my Grandparents. But I’ll defiantly be seeing them next week, so that isn’t so bad.

With our extra day off from school, my sister and I went up the garden with her camera for about 10 minutes and took some pics which you can see below. We also made a couple of videos, but I’m not forking out to be able to put them on.

Our garden from my sister's bedroom window


Snow on a garden table


In sporting news today, David Beckham will have to go back to Old Trafford, as his loan side AC Milan were drawn against Man Utd in the last 16 of the Champions League. Inter Milan boss Jose Mourinho faces his old team Chelsea in the same round. In the Europa League, Liverpool will play Romanian Champs FC Unirea Urziceni…no me neither. If we win, we will then have to play either Lille of France, or Fenerbahce of Turkey.

Formula 1’s dream come back took another giant leap forward today, with Ferrari confirming that Michael Schumacher has said that he intends to come back and race for Mercedes. In slightly bazaar F1 news, former Japanese driver Ukyo Katayama had to be rescued from Mount Fuji after getting into difficulty. He is said to be fine, but his two companions are feared dead.

Now I hate to have to end on a sad note on such a good day, but I feel that I have to. The infamous ‘Arbeit Macht Frei’, or ‘Work sets you free’ sign above the entrance of the Auschwitz Nazi death camp has been stolen. As a person who has been their twice, and felt the history, the suffering and the death all around me, I find it sick that somebody or some people can have the heart to steal a part of it. My betting is that it was either stolen by Neo-Nazis, a random criminal gang, or some Polish or Jewish people with some twisted logic.

Only dictators destroy, everybody else keeps what is there. Either as a memory, or a warning.


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