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Hi everybody. Big news today. Formula 1 will bring in brand new rules for the 2010 season, which should make it even more exciting.

Firstly and most importantly, the new points system. As of 2003, the top 8 drivers scored: 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1. But as of next year, the top 10 drivers will score: 25-20-15-10-8-6-5-3-2-1. This will make the drivers want to race even harder for the race win, with the gap between 1st and 2nd now at a record high 5 whole points, whereas the previous gap between 1st and 3rd was just 4 points. Some people say it’s too Americanized and MotoGP-like, but I think it is a great move. Much better than the other idea of ‘the driver with most wins is Champion.’ The World Champion should be the most consistent driver, and one who would win the title with a couple of lucky wins.

Here is a comparison of last year’s top 5 drivers and 2 teams with both the old and the new points systems.

  • 2009 Driver’s Championship: Button = 95, Vettel = 84, Barrichello = 77, Webber = 69.5, Hamilton = 49.
  • 2009 Constructor’s Championship: Brawn = 172, Red Bull = 153.5. 


  • 2010 Driver’s Championship points: Button = 230.5, Vettel = 203, Barrichello = 183, Webber = 175, Hamilton = 120.5.
  • 2010 Constructor’s Championship points: Brawn = 413.5, Red Bull = 378.

In other F1 news, Abu Dhabi and Brazil have swapped places on the calendar, meaning that Abu Dhabi will now be the last race. Renault will race in F1, but probably under a new name, but we will have 13 teams on the grid in Bahrain in March. And next year we’ll have ex-drivers on the stewards board at every race to hopefully make fairer and quicker decisions about race incidents. Hopefully McLaren will be treated equally for once. (Did I really type that?).

Away from F1, I got some bad news music wise. I would be able to see Steve Winwood and Eric Clapton next year, because the cheapest tickets for the shows are over £60! :-(. It’s not fair! If me and my Dad had the money, we would go, but we don’t and we can’t. WHY DO CONCERT TICKETS THESE DAYS HAVE TO BE SO F-ING EXPENSIVE. I WOULD GIVE MY RIGHT ARM TO SEE ERIC CLAPTON, BUT JUST BECAUSE SOME POSH TOFFEE-NOSED OXFORD, CAMBRIDGE OR EATON GRAD, OR CITY WORKER HAS SOME CASH, THAT MEAN THAT THEY CAN GO AND I CAN’T. IT SUCKS! When I went to see Roger Waters, one woman asked me ‘So, whats this going to be all about then? I had a good mind to tell her that I tought it was disgraceful for her to be there, without a clue about the show or the music, when a genuine fan and lover of his works was at home cursing that fact that people like her were there instead of them.

Anyway, rant over. See you later everybody.


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