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I always go to concerts with a sense of dread. Is the band going to play well, or come out at all? Well Fleetwood Mac did come out. And boy did they play well.

My little sister is as much a Fleetwood Mac fan as I am a Pink Floyd fan. In fact she is named after one of their songs. But they are still one of my top bands. They wrote the song that was the sound of my childhood. ‘The Chain’ was as I am sure you know, the BBC F1 theme for decades. I was a little disappointed that they didn’t go into an extended jam on the song though.

However, they more than made up for it with crashing renditions of their songs ‘Tusk’ and ‘Oh Well’. Guitarist Lindsey Buckingham also stole the show with ‘Big Love’ and extended Guitar solo in which he let the standing audience down the front ‘play along’ with him.

But the biggest moment of the evening was when singer Stevie Nicks told the audience that Christine McVie, former Keyboardist and ex-wife of Bassist John McVie  was in the audience. We all wanted her on stage, but she is retired now and it wouldn’t have happened. Drummer Mick Fleetwood raised the roof with a rather flamboyant drum solo as part of the encores.

The only draw back of the night was sitting right at the back and in the ‘Gods’, but thats what you get when you pay only £23 per ticket. What ever happened to the days when you could see people for under £10 I ask you?

But anyway, just like when I went to see Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters at the O2 Arena last year (oh yes!), this will be a night that stays with me for the rest of my days.

I’ll leave ou with ‘The Chain’ from when my Mum and Dad saw them in 1987, and it being used by the BBC. 

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