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The British Grand Prix has been saved! Silverstone has signed a deal that will keep the British Grand Prix there for 17 years! I bet you that no driver from the 2010 season will be racing when that deal runs out.

Silverstone should have a race, because it was where the FIA Formula 1 World Drivers Championship was born on the 13th May 1950. The British Grand Prix is also the joint oldest on the F1 calendar, with the Italian Grand Prix being the only other race to stage a race in all 60 previous season.

Silverstone will undergo a much-needed trip to the spa (pun intended) after Christmas when: new stands, pit lane and paddock will be built and finished by 2011.

The 2010 British Grand Prix will be held on the 11th July. The same day as the World Cup Final.

Silverstone also holds the rights for the MotoGP British Grand Prix for a few years as well, so Donington really have lost everything unfortunately. Everything apart from its great history as well, Like the Silver Arrows pounding around it in the 1930s, and Ayrton Senna’s spellbinding opening lap of the 1993 European Grand Prix.

We may even be using the new bike friendly lay out for the Grand Prix, but the FIA need to inspect it first. If it doesn’t get the all clear, we’ll just use the track we have now.

Here we have Lewis Hamilton talking us around his 2007 Pole lap.

And here we have the afore-mentioned opening lap of the 1993 European Grand Prix at unlucky Donington Park.

Yes, that really did happen. And he went on to win by over 80 seconds.

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