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England were handed a fantastic Group for the World Cup next summer. We avoided all the nasty teams, and we should come out of it as group winners with a minimum of 7 points.

The full draw is:

  • Group A – South Africa – Mexico – Uruguay – France
  • Group B – Argentina – Nigeria – South Korea – Greece
  • Group C – England – U.S.A – Algeria – Slovenia
  • Group D – Germany – Australia – Serbia – Ghana
  • Group E – Holland – Denmark – Japan – Cameroon
  • Group F – Italy – Paraguay – New Zealand – Slovakia
  • Group G – Brazil – North Korea – Ivory Coast – Portugal
  • Group H – Spain – Switzerland – Honduras – Chile


Our first game is on the 12th June against the U.S.A. This is a grudge match that many senior England fans have been looking forward to for 60 years. They beat us in 1950 1-0 in one of the greatest upsets in World cup history. On the 18th June, we venture into the unknown because we have never ever played Algeria, who had to beat Egypt in a play off to reach the finals due to them finishing their group with identical stats. Out last game is on the 23rd June against Slovenia whom we beat 2-1 in a friendly in September.

Should we win our group, we’ll play the runner-up of Group D. That could be either: Australia, Serbia or Ghana. Or could it even be Germany?

The standard ‘Group of Death’ for this tournament is definitely Group G. Brazil will have to get past Portugal, both of whom are ranked in the top 5 in the world. The Ivory Coast could throw a spanner in the works and knock one of them out. But North Korea will be eaten alive. It could come down to who beats them the most heavily who goes through. Portugal vs. North Korea is another grudge match for the older Football fan. In 1966, North Korea where 3-0 up inside 25 minutes in their Quarter-Final, but 4 Goals from Eusebio saw Portugal win 5-3.

Sorry for the late post by the way, it’s just that Zakumi was out on the town with David Beckham and Haile Gebrselassie last night and he still hasn’t come back yet, so I’ll have to go and look for him, feed him some raw Coffee and then we can see what he thinks of the draw.


  1. you not concerned that the teams will be underestimated and England will get a rude awakening?

    • The teams in our group are not as strong as some of the others in their separate confederations. 7 points and 1st place is a minimum from that group.

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