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The draw for the 2010 FIFA World Cup is made tomorrow. See it on BBC 2 at 5:15pm. As promised, I have my predictions for the draw in Cape Town. And here they are:

  • Group A – South Africa – Australia – Paraguay – Slovakia
  • Group B – Germany – North Korea – Algeria – Denmark
  • Group C – Spain – Honduras – Chile – Switzerland
  • Group D – England – Japan – Ghana – Slovenia
  • Group E – Argentina – Mexico – Ivory Coast – Greece
  • Group F – Italy – New Zealand – Uruguay – Serbia
  • Group G – Brazil – U.S.A – Cameroon – France
  • Group H – Holland – South Korea – Nigeria – Portugal

I really hope England do get this group, and not France or Portugal. Anyway, what do you think Zakumi?

 Zakumi: ‘South Africa for the Win!!!’

Pickle92: ‘You will not even get past the group stage pal.’

Zakumi: ‘No, we got to the semis of the Confederations Cup.’

Pickle92: ‘Lucky.’

Zakumi: ‘I hope you do get France.’

In F1 news, Sauber are back in F1, taking over Toyota’s place as the 13th team on the grid. Felipe Massa’s and Kimi Raikkonen’s old team should carry the number 26, and the legendary number 27.

In Cricket, Virender Sehwag of India will be chasing after Brian Lara’s record of 400* early tomorrow morning as he starts Day 3 of their Test Match against Sri Lanka on 284*.

Talk to you all later. England for an easy group!


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