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Richard Branson now has his own racing team, lucky boy.

Virgin Racing have taken over the newly formed Manor GP team and driver Timo Glock. This was made official when the FIA announced the entry list for next season. The old Sauber team may be back if the World Motor Sport Council let them in at a meeting next week.

In Football, FIFA have said ‘no’ to the Republic of Ireland’s request to be the 33rd in the World Cup. That surprised no one didn’t it? I’ll hopefully have all the seedings and pot assignments for you in my next blog, and also my predictions for the groups.

Tiger Woods will not face charges about his car crash, but Florida police say that it was his fault.

Pete Doherty made a total arse of himself at a concert in Germany by singing the old, Nazi Germany national anthem. The English translation goes, ‘Germany, Germany above everything.’ But ever since German reunification, the third line of the anthem, ‘Unity and justice and liberty for the German fatherland’ is the correct beginning now. This isn’t the first time this has happened however. In Euro 2008, an Austrian TV company got into hot water after printing the first verse on a live broadcast during the national anthems. 

Now, today is ‘World AIDS day’. HIV/AIDS is the centre point of one of my all time favourite films, ‘Philadelphia’. I’ll leave you with the open title sequence, accompanied by Bruce Springsteen’s Grammy and Oscar-winning song, ‘Streets of Philadelphia’.


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