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Golfing legend Tiger Woods has crashed his car by his home in Florida. He was taken to hospital earlier today, with suspected serious injuries. Thankfully, his injuries are now said to be minor, and he has gone back home.Early in the morning, he crashed his car into a Fire hydrant and then a Tree.  Maybe he should have used his Driver for the journey instead. ‘A boom boom chh’.  But joking aside, get well soon Tiger. 🙂   

In the 3rd ODI, England got mangled by South Africa as they won by 112 runs. AB de Villiers smashed 121 from 85 balls as the hosts scored at over seven runs and over. More importantly, Peter Sauber has his old F1 team back after the mysterious Quadbank were turned away by BMW. Adrian Sutil and Vitantonio Liuzzi will stay at Force India, and VW have hinted at joining F1 as and engine supplier in the future.  

I’m off to bed now, so Goodnight, and write to you later.



  1. are you aware that there is a HUGE blank space on your page?

    • Yes, I’m just about to fix it. It was late at night and it was having a tantrum and I wasn’t going to fight it.

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