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Liverpool where dumped out of the Champions League, or European Cup for the older reader last night despite beating Hungarian Champions Debrecen 1-0 away. This is because Foirentina beat Lyon 1-0, thus making it mathematically impossible for us to finish in the top two.

So we have to play in the Europa League, the old UEFA Cup in 2010. We were actually favourites to win the competition before we were even in it last night!

To be honest, I’m not angry. everyone saw it coming. The team are completely unrecognisable from the team who just missed out on the League Title last season. I could go on a rant, but there is not point. just like the French and the Irish, my opinion ment jack all to the footballing world.

In happier news, both the BBC F1 team and Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters have been collecting awards this week.

The BBC F1 opening title sequence won the ‘Graphic Design Programme Content Sequence at the RTS awards night. 

You can see the full video by clicking on this link –> 

Pink Floyd Bassist Roger Waters’ team who built the giant light Prism at the climax of the 2008 Dark side of the Moon tour, won first place at the International Laser Display Awards. I saw this for myself when I saw the show at the O2 Arena (18/05) and it completely blew my mind. Well done to the team on behalf of Floydians everywhere 🙂

DSOTM 2008 prism (Lightwave International) That came out of the roof. Nobody saw it coming.

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