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Hi, as promised, I have a list of all the teams who have made it to play in the World Cup in South Africa next year. I still can’t get over how France cheated the Republic of Ireland last night. But at least FIFA got what they wanted. The UEFA Play-Offs were ment to be unseeded, but FIFA saw that France and Portugal or Russia might have to play each other and said that the top four play off teams would be seeded apart. This ment there was less chance of the Republic of Ireland and Bosnia and Herzegovina reaching the finals next year. But still, I’m just one miffed person writing a Blog, like FIFA will listen to me.

Anyway, the teams are as followed:

  • Africa = Algeria, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa (Hosts)
  • Asia = Australia, Japan, North Korea, South Korea
  • Oceania = New Zealand
  • North, Central America & Caribbean = Honduras, Mexico, U.S.A
  • South America = Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay
  • Europe = Denmark, England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland

Seedings and Pots for the draw in Cape Town on the 4th of December will be out and posted as soon as they are known.

File:Zakumi.jpg (This is Zakumi the mascot, he’ll be my helper on all matters World Cup from now on.)

By the way, 40 years ago today (19/11), Pele scored his 1000th Goal. 

In Cricket news, Sri Lanka posted a massive 760-7dec against India. That is the 6th highest Test Match total of all time!  Jawayardene scored a huge 275 in the Innings.

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