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Who will drive for McLaren with Lewis Hamilton in 2010?

Will it be 2007 World Champion and former McLaren driver Kimi Raikkonen? His management visited McLaren HQ on Wednesday. 

Or will it be 2009 World Champion Jenson Button? He is meant to have been at McLaren HQ today according to one newspaper. Can you imagine Jenson driving car No.1 and Lewis car No.2, in a British team. Considering the two’s different driving styles, it would be like Senna and Prost all over again. (But nowhere near as good).

Timo Glock has been linked to drive for newboys Manor, and Jano Trulli is testing a NASCAR car in America. For fun or work, watch this space.

Anyway, boy did it rain something cronic today. It was a good thing I had my Umbrella with me today or else I’d have looked like a drowned Rat.

England play Brazil in Doha tomorrow afternoon. I however will be watching it on Sunday. I’m going to see Rich Hall when the game is on, so I’ll have to avoid the news. My prediction, England 1-2 Brazil.

The ‘mastermind’ behind 9/11 is to be put on trial in of all places New York. If anybody wants to see the show trial of the 21st Century, watch this. He hasn’t got a hope in hell. He will be found guilty, and will be executed. 

But I’m going to end on a happy note: England beat South Africa in the Twenty20 match today by just 1 run via the D/L method. 🙂


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