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it worked!!!    GET IN THERE!

… what the hell am i going to write about……ah, the day.

11/11, Armistice day.

I stood for the two minutes silence for the correct amount of time. For the last 2 years at least, my school has gotten its timings wrong, much to my annoyance. personally, i’d time myself, and know how long it takes me to read In Flanders field for example.

I also found out yesterday that one of my top bands, Emerson, Lake & Palmer (E.L.P) are going to play together again next year in the summer. Its meant to be the same day as the German Grand Prix, but now that we have V+, we can record it. 😉

After looking at the F1 website, I have very happy to see that Bruno Senna pleased with the way things are going at Campos. I would love him to have a debut season like Lewis Hamilton did in 2007. I really hope he does his Uncle Ayrton proud.


Ayrton & Bruno


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